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Dead Skin

by Of Burning Empires

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I am the craftsman,
Of this fragile constellation,
Unambiguous arrangement of light,
There is no escape, there is no exit,
I am bound within the divide.

My hands tied, guilt covers my eyes.
I've become the epitome of all that I despise.

These frail hands enclose broken bottles and dismay,
A manifest of pages so torn and frayed,
Nail me to the cross I built,
Tuck me into the bed I made.

Because I've become the contortion,
Of a violent nature, thesis undefined,
I am the architect,
Of my incongruent design.

And you could be the bird in my poems,
The one who sings so sweetly to me,
To drown out the turbulence,
And rediscover the sanity of sleep.

Awake, I wait,
The shepherd of my thoughts,
I gather the pieces,
To rebuild the fathom of who I am.

I must learn to become the subsequent,
To disperse the narrative of my demons.

And you can be the bird in my poems,
The one who sings so sweetly to me.
I've drowned out the turbulence,
I've found my place of serenity.

I have befriended the entity,
Grown comfortable within the shallow waters,
A knee-high drought to sink the vessel,
To whom I'm no pariah.
This ark contains no walk of life,
And these waters do not part for the purposes of man,
For I have succumbed to the control of my inner most thoughts.
I am prepared to sink with the ship,
And extinguish the fire that fills my lungs,
For this self-inflicted act of self-definition,
Is an act that serves no consequence,
Because within the confine of mortal life,
I am unable to feel,
Bring me your love,
For I wish to sleep in warmth again.

Hold me close,
You're all I know,
Fulfill my heart,
Fulfill my bones.
Hold me close,
And don't let go.
I've found my place of serenity.

I have learned to become the subsequent,
I have rid the constraints of my demons.

I don't know who I am anymore.


released December 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Of Burning Empires Ottawa, Ontario

Defend progressive metalcore. Hailing from Ottawa, ON.

Billy Melsness (Insta/Twitter: @BillyOBE) - Guitars

Jared Blanchette (Twitter: @JaredBlanchette) - Vocals

Ben Cooligan (Insta/Twitter: @fvckben) - Vocals/Guitars

Robin Parsons (instagram: @robin_obe) - Keys

Taylor Rossi (Twitter: @TlarAtTheBar)

Carter Peak - Drums
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